About us…

Our law firm which was incorporated in İzmir in 1992 with the name Caner Law Firm and International Consultancy Services continues to support domestic and foreign clients for the resolution of legal disputes since its incorporation date.

After its incorporation, our company has mainly conducted business within the international realm and alongside the demands received from abroad, in order to fulfil the requests conveyed by domestic clients and to provide services at a wider range, it continued its business activities under the name Caner&Can Law Firm by means of expanding its staff.

Our law firm has been closely collaborating with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German General Consulate in İzmir since its incorporation date and apart from rendering legal consultancy services, it has been classified among the official and reputable legal firms in the list of attorneys provided by the Embassies of Austria and Switzerland.

The client portfolio of our legal firm includes several important private insurance companies especially based in Germany and Austria and social security institutions as well as the branches of these institutions and organizations in other cities and countries with which we have been conducting joint activities for over 20 years.

Apart from the aforementioned institutions and organizations, we offer legal consultancy and attorney services for domestic and foreign real and legal entities who contact our law firm directly.

Our legal firm is in contact with numerous law firms and experts based both across Turkey and abroad in order to provide superior quality services to our clients and reaches immediate resolutions as soon as possible and carries out joint studies with them within the framework of the collaboration that has been ongoing for long years.

With strong international network, our law firm renders superior quality and successful services through expert attorneys who completed their legal education in Turkey and abroad by providing services in Turkish, German and English.

As a principle, our legal firm offers optimal services in all of the fields for all of its clients with its infrastructure that provides the capability of solution-oriented analytical thinking and through its ability to resolve legal disputes both outside the court and through legal actions and by concentrating on the diversity of the arguments proposed and focusing on the target economically.